Yamaue Ryu Aiki Jutsu

is founded by Jimmy Keido Yamaue, who have been training many kinds of martial arts in Japan, in China and in Europe more than 48 years. Yamaue Aiki Jutsu is an active and effective self-defence system. Yamaue Ryu Aiki Jutsu is a Ju Jutsu (Jujitsu) system based on Ki-force, Yamaue's 45 degrees theory, spiral movement and centripetal force. Yamaue Ryu Aiki Jutsu is based on the low of physics. Patterns of the basic movements are Engetsu=full moon, Hangetsu=half moon, Apple, Spade and Heart. spiral & centripetal

Opposite to Aikido techniques which contains a lot of the centrifugal force principle, Yamaue Aiki Jutsu uses a lot of spiral movement with the centripetal force principle like whirlpool in water or the black hole in universe. One more characteristic thing with Yamaue Aiki Jutsu is a use of strong Kiai. The purpose of Kiai is to let the Ki-force flow from one´s energy centre - Seika Tanden through one´s body to wherever one needs to affect the opponent.


The nerve attacking system is based on use of the Keiraku -electric meridian energy routes, to throw, to control, to knock-out or to give a lot of pain without giving damages to human body. Keiraku system is used to cure or heal people (acupuncture treatments, shiatsu etc.), but also can be used in active Waza. People who practice this system will get self-confidence and self-control. Everybody can learn these elegant, flexible, effective and highly advanced Waza - techniques.


The origin of system can be traced far back to the stone age in China and India. Aiki Jutsu is an art of self defence which has thousands of years history behind. The history of the development of Budo is equal to the history of mankind. Soke Yamaue is very unique martial artist who uses active Ki. Active Ki means Ki force attacks opponents. When Soke sends Ki to his opponents, many strange phenomenon occur, such as opponents are paralysed, loose control of their body, can not open hands, can not breathe, can not move and have a lots of pain, etc..